Our Engineering Philosophy

We have in-house expertise in the field of building services maintenance specialising in mechanical, electrical, ventilation, air conditioning, gas, water and critical services. By hand selecting some of the best engineers we are able to operate more effectively and thus more efficiently which means reduced processes, reduced levels of management and therefore a more focused customer service with responsibility and accountability being overseen directly by senior management. This means that service level expectations can be exceeded whilst still achieving cost savings for the clients.

Titan facility Maintenance
Our engineering expertise is closely aligned with our professional site management team, who are able to balance the engineering requirements of the contract with the proactive customer facing attributes necessary to ensure that the relationship between client and supplier is a successful one built upon trust and confidence.

Our relationship with specialist sub-contractors is fundamental to our successful service delivery. Our permit to work system and our internal contractor vetting systems enables our specialists to provide service to the required level.

We are passionate about efficiency. Doing our job well results in a reduction in energy consumption and costs. We monitor this and present this to our clients and continuously strive to reduce energy in our daily activities.