Titan is continually investing in its system capabilities to ensure maximum efficiency of operation and support to our clients.

An effective Helpdesk and PPM system is of paramount importance for this proposal, and to support this, our helpdesk system delivers:

Comprehensive Asset Management capability
Intuitive Helpdesk system for the management of Reactive tasks, fully integrated with asset management and offering powerful SLA controls, call escalation and Reporting.
Feature-rich and flexible Planned Preventative Maintenance System – manage all assets in accordance with
HVCA guidelines, or use a simpler schedule-only approach. Generate full PPM schedules automatically, and roll changes to HVCA guidelines out into pre-defined schedules with minimal input.
Best of Breed Reporting Capability - we have invested significantly in enhancing our Reporting capabilities to make sure we meet the many and varied demands of a modern Facilities Management function.
Open standards for integration with existing client-premises systems, such as Permit to Work, Visitor
Management and Room Booking
Advanced, interactive Management and Operational Dashboards – ensuring real-time performance measures of Client service are visible throughout the organisation

We can also implement bespoke cost-effective extensions to meet any client requirement. During normal office hours (08H00 to 18H00), our helpdesk is manned by our internal staff and by a bureau service out of normal hours. The helpdesk number remains consistent for both processes, and all calls are logged by the reporting system described above.


Titan will provide a 24 hour helpdesk service 365 days of the year. The systems that will be in place to respond during normal hours and out of working hours will are described below.

We will respond to all emergency call outs within the response times included within the tender through our well established procedure.

During normal working hours the client will liaise directly with the on site representative to inform them that there is an issue on site that requires emergency attendance who will then co-ordinate our response. Once the engineer has attended the emergency if they are able to affect a repair then they will do so, if it requires additional assistance then they will contact the Titan helpdesk. Where the fault or breakdown has impacted equipment that affects the operation of the client’s business then all of the resources available to the contract team will be made available to make good the problem.

Titan would provide out of hours emergency response through our existing network of call out cover in London. Call outs will be managed via our 24 hour bureau service which has the full details of the contract, call out engineers and escalation procedures should there be an issue. Once the call has been received the helpdesk will contact the engineer and obtain an expected time of arrival. The helpdesk will then contact the originator of the call to inform them of progress.

The helpdesk then monitor progress communicating with the engineer and client until arrival on site. Once the engineer is on site his first priority will be to make safe and then if possible affect a repair depending on the nature of the equipment. Once the engineer has addressed the situation he will contact the helpdesk and provide a report which will be available to the client first thing the next day.


Our site management team pride themselves on a unique level of monthly MI which gives the Client information on :

PPM (Planned and Preventative Maintenance) works completed that month
Additional works carried out
Quotes submitted
Orders placed
Any reactive works (this includes works that will not be charged, for semi or fully inclusive sites) which provides a breakdown of hours spent/engineer utilisation on items like handyman duties

These are normally sent electronically in advance of any site meetings so that any outstanding works/quotes/etc can be addressed at the meeting in an efficient manner.

This enables the Client liaison to be specific and efficient rather than burdening the Client with lengthy un-targeted and often needless meetings.

The electronic copy also ensures that the Client has an audit trail of H&S obligations to demonstrate compliance in the areas that Titan are responsible for managing.

The monthly report also contains scanned copies of all the engineering report sheets completed after each visit for further, more detailed, information should this be required.